I should probably subtitle my blog, “Dear Daddy” because so much of who I am has been shaped by two things – family & faith.  When I look back over my first 31 years, three things really dominate the landscape: fatherlessness, fatherhood, and the relationship with my heavenly father.  Let me explain…

I grew up without much of a relationship with my dad.  He and my mom were very young when I was born, and he made the choice not to be very involved. I knew who he was and we did share some moments, but on a grand scale, he was absent.  He missed nearly every significant event in my life. Few things had a greater impact on my development than the fact that my dad was not around.  To this day, I see the effects of growing up without my father. In many cases, it shows up in negative ways.  At other times, it propels me forward in positive ways.  As we take this journey together, I’ll shed light on this issue of fatherlessness – not in the form of an essay or research paper, but by opening up the windows of my life and letting you look in.  By being honest about its impact on my life, I’ve been healed in many ways, and I look forward to doing so even more!
In part because I didn’t have a dad around, I vowed as a young boy that I would one day be a great father.  I had dreams of teaching my son how to play sports, how to ask a girl out, and how to drive, shave, rap, …it was gonna be awesome! I took notes from Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show. I paid close attention to my own grandfather and other men around me.  In some sense, I obsessed over the day when my son would call me onstage and present me the award for The World’s Best Dad…EVER!   I would totally be his hero!
Well…two years ago, I became a dad, but there was no son to be had that time around. Instead, God blessed us with a little girl and my life has not been the same at all! She is the greatest earthly gift that I’ve ever been given! She has absolutely changed my entire world! Ask anybody. I’ve never laughed so hard. I’ve never wanted to more generous than I am now.  I’ve never been so aware of the needs of another person.  I’ve never been more protective of anyone or anything. I’ve never been more humbled by anything or anyone.  As we journey together here, I look forward to sharing some of the incredible lessons that she has taught me and describing what becoming a father has meant for me!
My Heavenly Father 
When I was a kid without a dad around, God was with me.  As I go day-to-day trying to be a good husband/father/minister, I know that God is with me.  If I am sure of anything, it is the fact that my 31 years have been a gift from a present, loving God.  This is the single most important truth in my life and it impacts every other truth that I hold to.  Every bit of my life says something about who I believe God to be. As we journey forward, I’ll share how my faith impacts the way that I live my life.  I hope that you can learn from the struggles that I’ve had to live an upright life…Perfect is something that I’m not.  At  the same time, I hope that you can celebrate and be encouraged by  the victories and breakthroughs…I know personally the deep joy of a life lived in & with Jesus Christ.  Ultimately, my goal is that anyone who stumbles across this blog would experience God’s love here.
Question: If you had to pull out some themes from your life, what would they be? How have they been lived out? 


  1. Good read Edrin. Even though our circumstances were quite different, in the end, we both want the same thing. A strong fulfilling relationship with our heavenly father and the desires to be a better father than our physical fathers. My father has been and still is great to me, but I know that when it’s my time to be one, I want to be better than him.

    • Wise words, sir! I encourage you to continue to celebrate your dad and the fact that he was present. At the same time, take what you learned from your dad and build on it…I think every loving parent wants/expects that their children will do more, go farther than they did! Progress is good!

  2. aaron b. watkins

    great read, man. you are a fantastic example of God using a person to be great in spite of his past circumstance. Growing up without a father must have been tough, but it brought you closer to your Heavenly Father. This is what has shaped you into the outstanding young man you are today – and the gift that you are to so many others. I can remember our times together in bible study…I was a youth leader, but was also blessed as if i was one of the students every time i heard you speak.

    Love you like a brother because you are.


    • Thanks, A-Watt! We’re shaped by our experiences, for sure! The great thing is that over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to be a consistent male presence to hundreds of young men just like me – as a teacher, coach, pastor, friend, etc. That’s all God!

  3. I can relate to this story in a few ways. I watched it first hand and was fatherless and motherless to a certain degree. Those situations has made us stronger and will definitely make us better parents. Whatever the reasons our parents have for not being there is their own burden. Our job now is to acknowledge and move on. I love the strong man you have become. I admire. your wisdom. Keep doing God’s will. I love ya!

    • That’s not fair…you’re trying to make me cry! Thanks for being my sister and my friend, Nikki. 1980 was a good year! Thanks for sharing every part of my life journey with me – the good and the bad. Thank you!

  4. Alkema Lewis Walker

    Hey E!!! I am so happy to read that God has and is making such a profound different in your life. It is so awesome that you are allowing the world to witness and be a part of this life changing experience. “Dear Daddy” is a confirming word of what God has been witnessing to my spirit and that is his love for us. God loves us so much beyond what our minds can comprehend. He does not hold anything against us, but puts his light in us, so that we can illuminate his love in the earth. That is exactly what you are doing through this blog. You have submitted your life wholly to God and he is using it as example of his great and mighty works. Continue to be a light for Gods glory. Love you brother!!

    • Thanks for commenting, Kema! God’s love really is overwhelming…too vast to be kept to ourselves. Let’s continue to give it away and watch as God changes the hearts of people, one at a time! Miss you & Love you, Sis!

  5. Hey Mr. Williams I am touch by your story. God is truly using you.I thank God for you and your page. It was a reason that i came to your page. I’m experiencing a move with our heavenly father. He is doing somethings and moving things around for the better. I am truly grateful for having him in my life. I thank you for this page and i know that this page will help me through this journey in my life. May God continue to use you so that you may speak to his people.

    • Javonna – I’m happy to hear how God is at work in your life and I’m excited to see you continue to grow in your dedication to him! If I can be of any help as you journey with God, please let me know. Continue to check back regularly – I’ll definitely be praying for you!!!

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