5 Reasons Being a Dad to a Toddler is Great

5 Reasons Being a Dad to a Toddler is Great

Go Gamecocks!!!

I had so much fun celebrating Father’s Day that I forgot to post anything.  Don’t judge me.  Here’s a little something…somewhat tongue-in-cheek, but rooted in truth.  I love being a dad, and I especially love being the dad to a toddler.  There are countless benefits to this elite fraternity…here are just a few:
  1. You’re guaranteed that at least one person will be happy to see you when you get home.
  2. The idea of seeing a little version of yourself walking around is the best feeling in the world! It feeds that little area of healthy narcissism that we all have!
  3. You have an excuse to watch cartoons, play with bubbles, and eat Goldfish!
  4. Even when they mess up, it’s still funny.  Flashback to the first time they went fishing in the toilet. 

Attempts at humor aside, the best part of being a dad to a toddler is simple: You get the chance everyday to speak into their lives and see it have a positive impact on them.  They are looking for your affirmation.  Your voice is a source of comfort, peace, and protection for them.  They are looking for your boundaries, and those boundaries shape them for years to come.

As men, we seem to always be in search of a battle to fight, a challenge to conquer.  Well, know this: there is no greater challenge for a Godly man than to love his wife and father his children!  There’s no higher calling.  It seems that Mothers will always be more loved and celebrated (another post for another day), but a father’s presence, a father’s protection, and a father’s voice are absolutely vital to a child’s well-being and development!

Father’s day is gone, but let’s celebrate fathers everyday…cartoons, bubbles, and Goldfish for everybody!!!

What are your thoughts???


  1. I love your reasons and feel its amazing to see a reflection of yourself grow. I can’t wait for these moments!!!

  2. Alkema Lewis Walker

    From a females perspective, there is nothing greater than a father’s love. While mother’s may receive more outward expressions of love from her children, internally something amazing inside of me happens when I think of my daddy. I begin to smile, giggle, cry; just a well of emotions begin to explode my heart. That’s what happens when a dad has made such an impact on his child’s life. Edrin you are absolutely correct, a father’s love and presence is extremely vital is the social, emotional, etc growth of his child/children. Happy belated father’s day to you and know that you are the greatest male figure that your daughter will ever have! Be blessed.

  3. Encouraging words for all father’s!!! Thanks, Kema, and keep making your dad (and mom) proud!

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