Mic Check…

Mic Check…
Everybody has a story. I’m ready to share mine.
Everybody has a voice…
How many people are there in the world? 6 billion plus? Oh, it’s eclipsed 7 billion, now?
 Either way, that’s a lot of people! It would seem with all of those people that the world would be a very loud place.  It would seem that we would easily be overwhelmed by the deafening sound of billions of people speaking, singing, fussing and creating all sorts of audible chaos.  To the contrary, though, the world can often seem like a very silent place, and I’m using the term silent in the most unappealing sense possible.  The world is quiet, in my opinion, because many people have lost their voice.  Not like  in the case of laryngitis, but in the sense that many people have had their voice taken away simply because of their standing in life.  In many parts of the world, if you are poor, if you are female, if you are of a darker hue, your are silent.  That is the rule and the expectation.  It is a sad but true reality.  But does it really have to be that way?
When I was in my late teens, I came across this quotes — “Until lions have historians, history will always glorify the lion hunters.”   In this metaphor, the lions are the ones who have no voice.  They are silent.  They are not vocal.  They are spoken of but they do not speak.  And what is said about them, ultimately, does them no justice.
When I read the quote, it resonated with me.  Did I have a voice?
I fell in love with words in elementary school.  I don’t know how, but I realized at an early age that words were good.  So, I chased them.  I read anything that I could get my hand on – including my aunt’s romance novels.  Don’t judge me! Even more than words on pages, I fell in love with spoken words.  To this day, nearly all of my heroes are people who used their voices to affect change – Dr. King, Fannie Lou Hamer, Tupac Shakur, Maya Angelou, Billy Graham, the list goes on for days! I even look up to people with whom I disagree because at least they are not silent!  To date, I’ve done my share of sharing my voice.  I’ve written thousands of essays, research papers, articles, editorials, poems, rhymes, prayers, but most of them were at someone else’s request.  I’ve delivered hundreds of speeches or sermons, but most of those were done with the well-being of others in mind.  Lately, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to step forward and use my voice simply because I wanted to. What would it be like if I just told my story? On my terms? Just because?
As you know, I’m launching out on a journey by introducing this blog. I hope that you will join me! It will be a space for me to share my voice, a platform for me to tell my story in light of the bigger stories taking place all around me.  Some of it will make you laugh.  Some of it may cause tears to flow.  Some of it will be encouraging.  Some of it will be cynical and extremely sarcastic.
Whatever the flavor of the day, at least I will be sharing my voice.  At least I will be telling my story.
How you respond is really up to you!
Question:  What are the ways that you express your voice? Where/When/How do you tell your story?


  1. Terry McAnnany

    This resonates with me. Nearly all human interactions have a language (spiritual, physical, emotional, etc.) but not all souls involved in these interactions have a voice. Life altering distinction, especially if one perceives the language to be the voice.

    I’m so grateful that you are sharing yourself in this way.


    • Thanks for sharing, Terry! It’s been fun getting this thing started…lots of fun! So, tell me, how do you share your story? I think the world needs to hear your voice..would you agree?

  2. If asked, many people around me would say that I am never silent. The truth is I often don’t have a voice. I tend to silence my true self out of fear. Fear of others reactions, fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of being misunderstood, but more times than not fear that I am not good enough. I prefer to journal. Writing brings me comfort when I can’t find peace.

    • T, thanks for sharing that. You’re definitely not alone in what you described here. Fear is one of the most common obstacles to us expressing ourselves fully. Fear of all sorts. Personally, I’m always praying for courage – not the absence of fear, but courage. A few days ago I read a quote from another blogger named Bianca Juarez Olthoff that said, “Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s living for something bigger than our preservation.” In other words, at some point, we will come to a place where we acknowledge our fear of (whatever), but will choose to move forward anyway because the necessity of doing what is right far outweighs our need for peace, acceptance, comfort, etc.

      Last year, I left a position that I had held for 5 years, and I admit that I was absolutely scared. I had so many “what if” moments that nearly left me stuck in an unhealthy situation. What if I fail? What if my friends get upset? What if, what if, what if… It was a rough spot to be in. Being a church boy, I looked to the Scriptures and Joshua 1 brought me great peace. The repetitive statement “only be strong & courageous” became my daily bread. So, as you face your fears, one encouragement would be this, “Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

      FYI – my friends are still my friends. Yes!

  3. Laramie White

    Brother thanks for this quote from Joshua today. During my Bible Study today, I read the first four chapters of Joshua and this quote will remain with me as my new mantra. I know that daily I have to work on my faith and continue to build my faith through God’s words for us. Continue to believe that the trials that I’m going through now will be conquered through his words and my belief that this part of God’s plans for me.

    I really enjoy reading your blog and those of others, to keep me informed on the thoughts of others and how they perceive events that our occurring around the world. Sometime I just don’t know how the right words we speak or print may encourage others and give them hope for a better life.


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