Stuntin’ Like my…Uncles!

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time thinking about my uncles. My mom has 5 brothers, and when I was growing up without my own father, they really became my examples. James (Jr.), Rommie, Ronnie, Joe, and Roc…sounds like an old-school soul group, and their pictures add to the confusion! I love those guys because they were there. They weren’t perfect…far from it, actually. I saw each of them struggle, even fail, but I learned so much from them. That’s one of the mysteries of life for me – that in order to influence someone, perfection is not necessary. Presence is.  

Fast forward to today. I’m a dad now. So, how do you think I would choose to prioritize my time?

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  1. I love that post! It proves that imperfections teaches wisdom. Only the wise can disect a situation and choose the good from it. A fool will mock the negative and end up in a more worse predicament. From whence I came, teen mother of 5, alcoholic and drug abuser was my path. But I was granted wisdom and understanding………

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