My Story…To be Continued!

Recently, our church began a new series called, “Light In the Darkness.”  It was a look at “real life” redemption and deliverance.  For many people, those are ideas reserved for Disney movies or childhood Bible stories.  Regrettably, too many people look at their lives and struggle to see any chance of a positive outcome or even the possibility of better.  Many others claim no evidence of God at all.  In some real ways, it seems that darkness reigns supreme for many.  This outlook runs counter to the narrative of the Christian faith.  Of all the overarching messages of our faith, a central one says that things in this world are not as they should be and that God is actively working to restore the creation.  Whether spiritual or physical, the broken things are being fixed.


As a part of the messages, I had the chance to share a bit of my personal story with our community.  I wanted to help others see that in some very real, tangible ways, God is restoring brokenness, often in ways that we would not associate with the Kingdom.  My prayer was that my story could help people to open their eyes and ears to the “everyday miracles” that are happening all around them.  Here’s that video:

Yesterday, I took a picture of my wife and my daughter as we were preparing to leave home for the day.  It was one of those small moments where I was able to pause and reflect on God’s amazing work in my life.  My prayer for all of you, regardless of your place in life, is that you would find time daily to see the everyday miracles, the small places where God is at work in your life, fixing the things that are broken.  As you notice them, be sure to share them.  Ready…Set…Go!!!


  1. Laramie White

    My father was present when I was growing up, doing the things a dad is suppose to do daily. Like working hard and long hours to support his eight children. One thing he failed at was telling you that he “loved” you. Being from the South in Mississippi, he never said these words to us until he was 60 years old.
    I cherish a greeting card he sent me after I graduated from college in 2004 at the age of 47, telling me how proud he was of me. Every time I read this card it bring me to tears, knowing he finally was able to say how proud he was of me. My father passed away in 2005 and I really miss him more now than ever before in my life. Wish we could have spent more time together and he could see how my own children are being raised my me and my wife
    I thank God for putting people in my life who have shown me what a real family looks like. Loving and supporting other through thick and thin. Being present when you need support in life. This I learned from my wife’s family. Unconditional love for each other at all times. God has put them in my life to make it better and for me to become the man I’am.

    • Bro. Laramie…that’s a powerful story! I had a conversation with another brother today, and his story was very, very similar. I often overlook the fact that a dad’s physical presence, while important, is only a portion of what a child needs from him. There are so many other ways in which a child needs their dad. Thanks for not letting me forget that!

      Thanks for sharing your journey!

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