Our Prayers for Taylor

Our Prayers for Taylor

Today is a big one in my family. Our daughter, Taylor, turns 3 years old!  Where has the time gone?

It seems like just last week that Shanequa and I walked cautiously to our car, bringing home our firstborn child from the hospital.  We live about 10 minutes from the hospital, but it took us about 20 minutes to get home because I was driving so slow! She still makes fun of me for getting upset at the other drivers who were traveling at the speed limit.  Didn’t they know that we had precious cargo in that car?
Somehow, that was three years ago. I honestly have no idea where the time went.
As we move into year three of this parenting life, Shanequa and I sat down to think about the road ahead for us and for our firstborn.  Somehow, that turned into a short list of prayers.  I thought that I’d share a few of those prayers with you, our friends.
  1. That Taylor would know God, personally.  We don’t take it for granted that Taylor will know and love God simply because of our faith in Christ or because of my vocation. Our constant prayer is that God would pursue her and that she would say, “Yes,” over and over again!
  2. That Taylor would know her self-worth…”you is smart, you is kind, you is important.” The Help brilliantly reminded us of the responsibility that we carry as parents to help shape our daughter’s self-image and self-worth. Every day, we see reminders in society of young women who never realized their value. We pray and work daily that Taylor will have no confusion about such things.
  3. That Taylor would find wonder everywhere and grow daily through discovery.There is a big, beautiful world out there.  As we teach Taylor to know and love God, we will be sure to have her experience the beauty of his handiwork.  A bird singing in a tree. An ocean that seems to never end.  Vast mountains and massive valleys. We pray that she would have countless WOW moments as she grows.  May she forever be fascinated!
  4. That Taylor would pursue her passions. I can already see the seedlings of this prayer coming to be. Like her mother, Taylor is a very strong-willed young lady. (Smiley Face) Like her father, Taylor has an opinion about everything! (Wink) Our prayer is that God will use these strengths for his glory and that Taylor will work passionately toward the causes of her day. Big or small, we pray that she would give her all to something beyond her.
  5. That Taylor would care deeply for others. Whatever her passions may be, we pray that a part of it would bring her to a place of caring deeply for others, especially the poor and hurting people of our world.  We pray that she would not be able to ignore the needs of others, even if she tried.  May she have a greater sense of the collective than either of her parents did.
Honestly, our prayers could be summarized into one simple prayer: Dear God, please help our daughter to love you, to love others, and to live a life that pleases you.  Little else matters.  Little else will last.
Are you a parent? What are your prayers for your kids?


  1. Aaron R. Plush


  2. Rachel Schwenke

    Amen to all your prayers! And I pray for our girls: may you always be surrounded by friends and family who love and encourage you in The Lord.

  3. Amen! God, the prayer that Bro. Edrin prayed for his daughter, please Father, could you do that for my grandchildren.

  4. Milton Dodd

    Simple yet so powerful. Those prayers are the blueprint and your prayers will be answered. As a parent, I want nothing more than this for my children. I want them to know and understand that Jesus is enough.

  5. Laramie White

    Amen my Brother, great article and way to Bless Taylor. May she see many, many more birthdays to come.

  6. Beautiful

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