Edrin Who?

Me, Pickles, and Cheryl

How do I describe myself without going all obituary?

I’m a Carolina boy who loves Minneapolis!  I’m crazy about people, travel, history and music.  My idea of a perfect party is a late afternoon BBQ in August with close friends and tons of REAL sweet tea. I’m an introverted extrovert and a habitual learner.

That’s not it, though…

  • What am I most thankful for?  An amazing wife and a beautiful, funny daughter!
  • My favorite TV show? Criminal Minds
  • My Passions? I’m passionate about developing leaders who will impact their homes, schools, communities, cities and the  world through Kingdom values; biblical reconciliation has become core to my identity and theology
  • My greatest indulgences?  Preaching, Traveling with my family, music, grilling, technology
  • My favorite snack?  Cheez-Its  & Applesauce
  • My favorite movie?  It’s a tie: Last of the Mohicans & Malcolm X
  • Friend criteria? Honesty, A Sense of humor, Creativity, Ability to discuss many random things, Southern Values are a plus, too!